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Let us help you, become a better you.

Get fit for life, make the body and mind fit for the years to come, achieve the dream body. Let us help you, hit your goals.

We take our client’s results personally and are invested in your progress. We’re not here to babysit our clients but yearn a deep understanding of what our clients require so that real and measurable results can be made.

It’s never too old to change! Our online programs are designed for beginners, intermediates all the way to advanced. you’ll be able to train to your own schedule, giving flexibility and taking the stress out of your exercise routine

We are what we can absorb, the key is, what we eat and how much we can make use of. Food is the key place to obtain the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates our bodies need to function. At 7Daley, we see supplements as “top-ups” to food and not a replacement.

Improving Nutrient Bioavailability
Post Physical Activity


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Fat reduction & muscle gain, 4- week bespoke training plan



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28-day bespoke training plan customised by a nutritional expert

I have been training with 7Daley for 12 weeks now and I have lost 1.5 stone and my body shape has completely changed! I didn't think I was able to get the body of my dreams at my age but Tony really pushed and encouraged me to keep going

Sharon, 47

Working with Tony on my fitness has been awesome. He is always encouraging and has supported all aspects of my wellbeing. Our sessions may be hard work but always with an element of fun which is key to keep me motivated.

Dave Oliver Alliance Commercial Finance

I have worked with Tony for over 7 years and his professionalism and dedication is unquestionable. He is very meticulous in his planning and sessions are always optimal and enjoyable

Danny bath Stoke City